Anything First Aid (AFA) is an independent First Aid/Resuscitation training company based in Rustington West Sussex, with our customers across London and  Southern England. We began in 2000 when practising Paramedics felt there was a genuine need for quality training with a common sense approach. All our instructors are practising emergency service personnel and experienced first aid trainers who share our vision to deliver first class training. 



What we do at Anything First Aid

The aims of Anything First Aid are:

  1. To deliver high quality first aid and resuscitation training
  2. To follow the up to date (2015) guidelines of the Resuscitation Council (UK)
  3. To deliver our training in a relaxed atmosphere so that the leaning can be an enjoyable experience
  4. To provide ongoing practical informal assessment/evaluation for all candidates in order to maximise their learning potential

In short, to deliver the best training possible.

Key Facts

  • Less than 1% of the population have a valid first aid certificate or know how to perform CPR
  • CPR can triple the chance of a person's survival when they are in cardiac arrest
  • Too many people fail to recognise the early warning signs of a possible heart attack
  • Each 30 minutes of a heart attack is equivalent to losing one year of life.

So When someone's not breathing Do you know what to do?